In Depth: A month with the iPad Pro (w/video)

Imagine holding two iPad Air 2 tablets in your hands, side by side. If you could combine them into one tablet, you’d likely be more productive, right?

That’s what using Apple’s new iPad Pro is like. When held in landscape mode, its 12.9-in. display offers the same screen real estate you’d get from two iPad Air 2s. Which means whether you’re editing a movie in iMovie, working on a year-end report or term-paper or simply watching a high-def movie, it lets you do more, faster and in ways an Apple tablet has never before offered.

After spending a month with the top-end iPad Pro – 128GB of storage and Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity – I can confirm my initial impressions from last month: The first version of Apple’s tablets to go bigger rather than smaller is fast, responsive, lasts all day on battery, and with optional accessories like the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, I expect it to further encroach on the territory of traditional laptops in the office.

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Michael deAgoniaIn Depth: A month with the iPad Pro (w/video)