Review: The Apple TV has promise, but doesn’t fully deliver

Update: since this review, Apple has updated the Apple TV to address many of the issues stated here. For instance, the Remote app on iPad and iPhone now works with the new Apple TV – which makes inputting text much easier and less of a chore – and many performance-related issues are resolved. Keep that in mind when reading this post.

Apple TV has always been the best way for those in the Apple ecosystem to bring iTunes content to their TV. The small, hockey-puck-sized device can fit unobtrusively into most people’s living rooms and stream content from a variety of sources, including iTunes libraries on computers with Home Sharing enabled; iPhones and iPads via wireless AirPlay; the iTunes music and movie/TV store portal; and various third-party partners lucky enough to land a spot on its exclusive and seemingly arbitrary Home screen.

The 2015 Apple TV, released late last month, is in almost every respect far superior to its predecessor. You can buy it with 32GB of storage for $149 or with 64GB of storage for $199.

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Michael deAgoniaReview: The Apple TV has promise, but doesn’t fully deliver